Our packages

Pricing a website in advance without knowing the details is not always possible. However, we would like you to be able to estimate the cost of your website at an early stage. For this purpose, we have prepared packages that can make this process much easier.

As part of each package, you have access to a certain number of subpages and functionalities that will diversify and dynamize your website.

Detailed information about the functionalities can be found below

Remember that we are flexible. The most important thing for us is your satisfaction with the professional side.


landing page up to 4 elements
or up to 4 subpages

from 200 EUR


our Starter Pack*

individual project

up to 3 functionalities

let's order


up to 10 subpages


from 220 EUR


our Starter Pack*

individual project

up to 5 functionalities

let's order


over 10 subpages

individual valuation

w tym:

our Starter Pack*

individual project

over 5 functionalities

let's order

*The Starter Pack includes: website adapted to mobile devices, hosting and domain for a year included in the price, email inbox, full configuration of the website with hosting and domain, connecting the website to the CMS system, website optimized for search engines (SEO OnPage), connecting the website to Google Analytics and Google Search Console, website with a high Google Page Speed ranking, post-project support. More information.



Thinking about the best possible cooperation with you, we have prepared a simulation of additional functionalities that you can use on the website. We will adapt each of them to the appearance of your website.

Some of them have several versions. At the stage of creating a website, we will be happy to find out which one you would like to use.

Click on a specific name or 'check functionalities' to see our suggestions.

Additional options

We can also implement additional, more advanced functionalities
(cost determined individually):

Bilingualism / Multilingualism

Blog / News module

SVG animations

Login panel (access to some resources only for logged in users)

Reservation system

Payment module

If you have any additional ideas for the appearance / functionality of the website - we will gladly include them in the project.

workflow process

Workflow process

You contact us and provide your requirements including: what the website about (new or existing), content, functionalities, etc. We encourage you to use the contact form).

We align on the details, analyze the materials provided by you (e.g. logos, photos) and any others to be adjusted, we advise and evaluate the entire project.

We prepare a graphic design. After considering your comments and final approval, we start programming the website.

The implementation of the website, depending on the scope, takes 10-15 working days from the approval of the project. Once the website is complited, we train you in how to use it. You will also receive a clear instruction.

what you'll receive

You'll receive*:

A website adapted to mobile devices

Hosting and domain for a year

E-mail box

Complete website configuration with hosting and domain

Connecting the website to the CMS system

Website optimized for search engines (SEO OnPage)

Connecting the website to Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Post-project support



We will prepare a page where it will be possible to change all key elements: logo, content, titles, photos, graphics and add new subpages.

Together with the website, you will receive a clear instruction (manual).

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